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Apple Patents iPhone Case That Also Works As AirPods Charger

Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro

The US Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a patent for possible next-gen iPhone cases with built-in AirPods receptacle and charger.

The patent, spotted by AppleInsider, titled ‘Cases and folios for carrying and charging accessories’, reports AppleInsider.

According to the patent, cases can have “a cavity” that lets the device fit inside, and can also transfer power.

The patent also describes how the iPhone could power the case accessory.

“The case can…include a first terminal, a second terminal, and a battery. The first terminal can receive electrical energy from the portable electronic device to charge the battery. And the electrical energy stored in the battery can be transferred to the accessory through the second terminal,” reads the patent document.

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Apple earlier patented two new patents that may allow the upcoming MacBook to wirelessly charge Apple devices.

The patents, first spotted by Patently Apple, include drawings that show a MacBook charging various devices, including an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as drawings of iPads and iPhones doing the same.