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Apple patent suggests an interchangeable lens for future iPhone

iPhone With Interchangeable Lens

It looks like Apple has a few bright ideas in mind for its future iPhone, one of which suggests an interchangeable lens system for the smartphone. This news came about as the guys over at Cupertino filed a patent application dubbed ‘Back Panel for a Portable Electronic Device with Different Camera Lens Options,’ on 14 June, 2012.

A post on Unwired View details out the components that are likely to be affixed onto the back panel with interchangeable lens. The possibilities include an IR-cut filter that’s capable of snapping up B&W images in low-light levels, a lens for capturing close-up images and a lens baffle which can increase the focal length and decrease the field of view through a combination with an accompanying lens. In addition to these, Apple can even incorporate various control chips including an extra battery onto the removable rear panel.

Once these aforementioned features are connected to the internal components of the iPhone, the device should be able to deliver improved image capture attributes. First on the list is a better optical image stabilizer assisted by the accelerometer. Once users put in touch gestures through the handset’s display, the zoom lens can automatically react to the input. Moreover, the report states that a stroboscopic flash is likely to be accompanied by an additional power supply.

To incorporate an interchangeable lens through a removable back panel, the current design aspect of the iPhone will have to be modified. And could these features find their way onto the upcoming iPhone 5? Well, that question is going to pass by unanswered. What we know so far based on speculations is that Cupertino’s next handset will feature a larger display, a fresh design with an aluminum rear panel, a bumped up processor and much more.

Although Apple has filed the patent application for an interchangeable lens design on its future iPhone, it’s not clear when the entire notion will reach the production line.


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