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Apple patents iPhone with a selfie camera hole in the display

iPhone Selfie Hole Apple Patent
Image Via: USPTO

Apple helped usher in the age of notches, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay loyal to the cutout forever. The company recently gained approval for a unique style that places a hole in the corner of an iPhone’s screen to house the selfie camera.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung recently showed off a similar look on stage at its Developer Conference recently. The South Korean brand is officially calling it the Infinity-O notch. We don’t know what Apple will call its cutout, or if it actually has plans to release such an iPhone in the future.

Apple Patent History

It’s entirely possible that Apple is just patenting this hole design just to be on the safe side. It applied for the patent in June 2018 and was granted the design in November 2018. LetsGoDigital points out that the document refers to many older versions of this patent, going back to January 2012.

This might help explain why the iPhone seen in the photo above looks so ancient. Officially, the patent is for an “Integrated Camera Window.” The description talks about a camera integration with cover glass to provide a camera window. The design features a completely bezel-less display with a hole in the top-right corner.

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Some might consider having a single hole for the front-facing lens even worse than a notch, especially seeing as how asymmetrical it looks. It’s difficult to imagine Apple opting for such a look when it’s known for being extreme about aesthetics. Content can work around notches, but it’s hard to avoid a glaring big gap.

Samsung has reportedly developed a way to hide the selfie snapper when it’s not being used. Even Apple has a patent to hide the lens inside holes so small, they can’t be seen by the human eye. The problem lies in the fact that the camera can’t see through glass adequately enough for good photos, hence the need to drill a large hole.