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Apple partners LG for foldable iPhone

iPhone X
iPhone X

If this year’s bezel-less iPhone X didn’t impress you, Apple has something else up its sleeve to dazzle you in the future. The tech major is reportedly collaborating with LG Display on a foldable handset.

As per The Bell, Apple has chosen to partner with LG and not Samsung Display on the project because it’s concerned about leaks that might make their way to its bitter rival. The latter has been busy making a bendable smartphone of its own for the past few years, recently confirming that it was looking to launch the device next year.

Meanwhile, Apple has seemingly just begun work on the foldable handset. LG Display has allegedly created a task force to develop a foldable OLED panel for the future iPhone. Even LG Innotek has brought together a team to develop the rigid flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB).

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Industry sources claim that production could begin from 2020. Samsung is at the advantage here if this timeline shakes out since its bendable device will be in the market by 2018. Apple typically kickstarts new iPhone projects at least a year before launch, sharing key features like the screen with suppliers.

LG Display has been toiling away on its foldable OLED panel prototype, completing it about 3 years ago and upgrading yield rate and durability in the time since then. Apple is hoping to break its dependence on Samsung’s OLED screens by deepening its partnership with LG.

Rumor has it that Apple is thinking about sinking money into an LG plant to help the company boost OLED production. Insiders state that the pair have tentatively agreed on the investment but details haven’t gotten finalized.