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Apple owes you $50 if your iPhone battery was replaced last year

Apple has announced an extension of its iPhone battery replacement scheme. The initiative will now go beyond people who are swapping their battery this year to those who were doing it last year.

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Any iPhone 6 and above owner who got an out-of-warranty battery replacement done between 1 January 2017 and 28 December 2017 is eligible for the program. Only swaps which took place at an Apple Store, Apple Repair Center, or Apple Authorized Service Provider are qualified.

If everything is in order, users will get $50 in the US or Rs 3900 in India. The figure changes depending on the country. The number is actually the exact discount being offered by Apple. For instance, battery replacements in the US cost $79 normally.

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Thanks to the iPhone battery replacement scheme, the same process is now priced at $29. This is temporary though, as the offer ends in December 2018. Even Apple’s new credit deal has a limited shelf life. The brand says it’ll email people on an individual basis to notify them about the money they just got between 23 May and 27 July.

If someone fulfills the criteria but doesn’t get an email by 1 August, they’ll have to contact Apple themselves by 31 December. They’ll also have to show proof that they got their servicing done via an authorized outlet.

Apple says it’ll hand over the cash through a credit on a customer’s credit card or an electronic funds transfer. It should be noted that folks who got in-warranty battery swaps done aren’t eligible for the deal. The brand hasn’t said anything about people who replaced their battery prior to 2017.

iPhone Battery Issue History

This might be because iOS 10.2.1 is specifically to blame for this whole mess. The software introduced a throttling tool which prevented shutdowns but made iPhones slower. Apple kept people in the dark about this, prompting them to buy a new iPhone or get their battery switched.

Once the truth came out, Apple was forced to apologize and offer its batteries at a discount. However, the firm hasn’t addressed the fact that its batteries were randomly shutting down in the first place. There is a scheme addressing this for iPhone 6S users, but not for others.