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Apple’s using OLED displays in all three 2019 iPhones

Apple is probably going to release 3 iPhones this year, with 2 sporting OLED displays and the third an LCD one. This may change next year, as the 2019 iPhone lineup is apparently going to feature only OLED panels.

iPhone X 2019 iPhone

Industry sources familiar with the matter told ETNews that Apple has started planning the 2019 iPhone series. It’s supposedly decided to stick to OLED screens all around. If there are more than 3 new models, the LCD variant might have a chance of survival.

LCD displays are much cheaper than OLED ones. That’s why this year’s 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is expected to be a more affordable option. It’s possible that Apple has found a way to maintain the same lower price range in 2019. Otherwise, next year’s iPhones will start at a more expensive rate.

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There was a report earlier this year alleging that Apple had tried to haggle with Samsung over OLED costs. The company has reportedly been attempting to reduce its reliance on the South Korean firm and was even expected to team up with LG for OLED panels this year.

It doesn’t look like this is happening now because of production problems. Meanwhile, Samsung is apparently looking to open up production facilities to accommodate Apple’s demand. Its A3 OLED fabrication plant is said to have boosted yield rates considerably and a new A4 factory is about to hit the ground running.

2019 iPhone OLED Panel Impact

All this is bad news for current Apple suppliers like Japan Display and Sharp. Both manufacture LCD screens and saw their stock fall by 10% and 4%, respectively, shortly after the news broke. Still, it should be kept in mind that nothing is certain and the iPhone maker could always change its mind about future plans.

An interesting image recently began doing the rounds which hinted that all-OLED panels could be coming in 2018 itself. It supposedly featured the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone, but with an OLED display. However, it’s impossible to determine whether the photo is real or fake at the moment, so it can’t be taken as a certainty.