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Apple offering up to Rs 23000 cashback on iPhone 7, iPad combo

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Apple has joined hands with Citibank to cook up a brand new scheme to drive up sales of both its new iPhone 7 and iPad series. Customers who are looking to buy both can now save up to Rs 23000 as cashback, meaning the price of the base model of the handset comes down to Rs 37000.

The combo offer goes both ways. A person could buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and get a discount on purchase of an iPad of their choice, or buy an iPad and get cashback on the smartphones. The main guiding principle here is that they have to buy both on the same day, from the same store, using the same card and mobile number.

As for limitations, the deal is only available via select offline Apple resellers and accessible by Citibank credit card customers. It’s not open to Citibank Corporate credit card holders. The offer has already begun and will go on till 31 December. People can perform a maximum of 4 transactions, with a limit of 2 each month.

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Individuals who get the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus along with an iPad Pro will receive Rs 23000 as cashback. They’ll get Rs 18000 if they purchase an iPad Air 2 and Rs 17000 if they snap up an iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 4. There are also in-store discounts on hand namely Rs 2800 for the iPad mini 2, Rs 2900 for the iPad Air 2, and Rs 5900 for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Citibank is supposed to give the cashback amount in two entries within 90 days of utilizing the iPhone-iPad combo deal. You can check out the list of participating stores here.