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Apple’s working on noise-canceling AirPods, over-ear headphones


Apple’s all set to shake up its audio portfolio with updated AirPods, a revamped HomePod, and over-ear headphones. The last has been rumored before, so the new Bloomberg report adds a dash of authenticity to the speculation.

The first product on the docket is the AirPods. Apple is planning on refreshing it in 2018 with a new chip and hands-free Siri support. The company is also looking ahead to 2019. Next year’s pair is apparently going to be blessed with noise cancellation and water resistance.

While you won’t be able to take the AirPods with you for a dip in the pool, you will be able to use it in the rain and when you’re sweaty. Apple is also looking to increase the range of the accessories so it can blast music even when it’s far away from an iPhone or iPad.

2019 AirPods Price

The 2019 AirPods will probably be more expensive than the current $159 model. People familiar with the matter claim that this could push Apple to segment the series like it does with its iPhones. The brand is said to be developing a wireless charging case which will be compatible with the AirPower charger, although the latter is reportedly still facing issues.

Beyond 2019, Apple is supposedly thinking of adding biometric sensors like a heart rate monitor to future AirPods. This would allow it to expand its health-related offerings further than just the Apple Watch. The wearable has saved a lot of people from heart attacks, so there is potential in that area.

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As for the over-ear headphones, Apple is seemingly going to position it as a high-end alternative to its own Beats line. The product is due to take on the likes of Bose and Sennheiser. It was apparently set to come out by the end of 2018, but this isn’t happening because of development challenges.

The headphones now have a 2019 target date. Production has not yet started and a deal is yet to be finalized with audio maker Tymphany. Finally, the next HomePod is also scheduled for a 2019 launch. Apple is said to be switching from Inventec to Foxconn for the device, but a final decision hasn’t been made yet.