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Apple Music hits 6.5 million paying users, still a third of what Spotify has

Apple Music arrived on the scene at the end of June this year, the streaming service going head-to-head with more established names like Spotify and Pandora. For those curious about how it’s faring now, the brand’s CEO Tim Cook says it has nearly 6.5 million paying customers out a total of 15 million subscribers.

This means roughly 8.5 million people are still using Apple Music for free. The offering allows people to start utilizing it without any fee for the first 3 months. After that, consumers have to cough up $9.99 per month in the US to continue having access to it. Given its June launch date, October would be the first month when subscribers began paying for it.

Apple Music

According to the Wall Street Journal (via TechnoBuffalo), Cook is very happy with the 6.5 million paying user base Apple Music has currently. However, the figure means approximately 4.5 million or 40% of the initial 11 million free trial members have left the service since it became a paid model for them.

It’s possible some individuals have simply forgotten to cancel their account after their tryout period ended. The number of paying Apple customers is about a third of the 20 million paying user base Spotify currently enjoys, out of its total of 75 million subscribers. It’s not a completely fair competition though, since the latter has had more time to build up its foundation.

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Spotify is additionally accessible on more platforms than Apple Music. The newer service is only available through OS X, iOS and Windows via iTunes. Consumer numbers are likely to increase after it hits the Android platform, which the company says will occur sometime in the fall.