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Apple Music app on Android can host a widget now

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The latest version of Apple Music has brought with it the ability to add widgets to the homescreen, which is something that the iOS version does not come with of course. This updated version is live on the Google Play store right now, and has been equipped with some other interesting traits as well.

The widget on the new version of Apple Music on Android acts like a standard music widget by letting you play, pause and skip tracks with it. Moreover, it even features the ability like a certain song without having to enter the app. But for all other features though, you will be needed to jump into the app.

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By default, this widget is 3 x 1 in size, and it cannot be resized. It’s hence that it cannot be centered which is kind of annoying. This Apple Music update has even been laced with the facility to add songs to custom playlists without adding them to the library first.

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Furthermore, with this new version you can now finally redeem iTunes gift cards in order to renew your subscriptions. Also, Apple Music on Android lets you see what’s being played on Beats 1 from the Radio tab as well.

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Apple Music is a streaming service which you can subscribe to at $10 a month. It provides you with unlimited access to music from all over the world. Over the course of time, it is able to identify your interests and provide you with recommended tracks that you may come to like.

The new version of Apple Music which comes with a widget can now be grabbed through the Google Play store.

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