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Apple will now give you more money for your old iPhone

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Apple is finally doing something to turn around its weak iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR sales. The company has announced a limited-period offer in which you can get up to $100 more for your old iPhone as part of its GiveBack trade-in program.

Of course, Apple isn’t coming right out and saying this is a promotional deal to drive up sales for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. It would never admit to that. The evidence is pretty clear though. For one, only the aforementioned iPhones can be bought as part of the deal.

For another, older iPhone owners have reportedly been reluctant to give up their functioning handsets for something so expensive. If Apple hands them more money, they might consider trading in their device. It’s very convenient of the brand to suddenly increase the value of their old units, especially since they could have done this a long time ago.

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Apple hasn’t stated when this promotional period will get over, so if you’re thinking of trading in your current iPhone, now’s the time. Keep in mind the fact that you’ll probably get more cash if you sell it in the second-hand iPhone market. Still, that carries its own set of risks and the official way is more convenient.

New Values For Old iPhones

As part of the deal, the iPhone 6 is worth $150 now as opposed to $75 before. The iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S have gone from $100 to $200. The iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 are both going for $250. The former used to be worth $150 and the latter $175. Finally, you’ll get $300 for the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8, more than their previous $250 value. The iPhone X’s $500 rate stays the same.

For reference, the iPhone XS starts at $999, the iPhone XS Max at $1099, and the iPhone XR at $749. Apple hasn’t said anything about increasing the value of its old iPhones in other markets like India yet. It probably should since it doesn’t make sense for an iPhone to be worth more in one country and less in another.

You can get started on the iPhone trade-in process here.