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Apple May Opt For ‘Reality’ Trademarks Prior To AR Headset Launch

apple logo Apple may use ‘Reality’ in the name and branding of its long-rumoured mixed reality headset, according to trademark applications.

Three different filings show trademarks for the terms ‘Reality One’, ‘Reality Pro’, and ‘Reality Processor’, which correspond to the name realityOS that surfaced in Apple’s code and a trademark application that perhaps alludes to the operating system for the headset, citing Bloomberg, The Verge reported.

The applications were submitted by a business called Immersive Health Solutions, LLC, not by Apple. To help keep their plans secret, firms like Apple frequently utilise the names of shell companies when applying for a patent or trademark.

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But, as the original report points out, the Delaware-based Immersive Health Solutions was registered by Corporation Trust Co. — another shell company that also appeared on the realityOS trademark.In addition to the US, applications were filed in the EU, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay.

All three filings mention “virtual and augmented reality headsets, goggles, glasses, and smartglasses“, the report said. The ‘Reality One’ trademark may refer to the name of the headset itself, while ‘Reality Pro’ indicates a spec-boosted version that Apple has planned down the road, in line with the same ‘Pro’ moniker Apple applies to its higher-end devices.

Meanwhile, the name ‘Reality Processor’ may allude to the headset’s processing unit, which is rumoured to be an M2 chip.

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