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Apple may launch iPhone SE 2 at WWDC in June

iPhone SE 2 Concept

The iPhone SE 2 is back in the rumor mills, this time through a Chinese website called QQ which claims to have the scoop on the smartphone. Supply chain sources claim that Apple will be launching its smallest iPhone in June 2018 at its WWDC event where it usually announces the latest generation of iOS.

This would be very unusual since Apple hasn’t announced a new iPhone at the WWDC since the iPhone 4 in 2010. March would be much more in its style since that’s when the original iPhone SE was unveiled back in 2016. It also got refreshed with more storage space in March 2017.

Whenever the iPhone SE 2 does arrive, the report asserts that it’ll look just like its predecessor, complete with a Touch ID-supporting home button and a metal back and frame. The one notable change could be a slightly bigger 4.2-inch display instead of the previous 4-inch one.

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It’s not clear if Apple plans on making the iPhone SE 2 bigger to accommodate this extra screen space or if it’ll cut down on the bezels flanking the panel. The latter makes the most sense since the compact form factor is a key appeal of the series.

Specs-wise, chances are the iPhone SE 2 will pack 2GB of RAM, 32GB/128GB of ROM, and an Apple A10 Fusion processor. The bad news here is that the phone might be priced a bit higher than before at around CNY 4000 (roughly $630 or Rs 40860). This seems very unlikely since there aren’t any major upgrades to speak of which would justify an increase.