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Apple may eliminate Touch ID on the iPhone 8

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The final fate of the iPhone 8’s Touch ID solution has become the topic of multiple reports over the past few weeks. Now a new research note by Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves is weighing in on the matter, suggesting that Apple may just give up on fingerprint scanning for its next handset.

It seemingly won’t be out of choice though, since Hargreaves claims that Apple might be forced into getting rid of Touch ID. The main factor forcing its hand is apparently the difficulty in placing a fingerprint sensor underneath the display.

According to the analyst, Apple is currently hard at work trying to solve its optical fingerprint issues. The company will probably place volume orders only if it manages to eliminate the kinks within the next month or so. This may lead to a delay in the iPhone 8’s launch, but won’t severely affect volume for the cycle.

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Hargreaves ominously states that if Apple isn’t able to find a solution within this time frame, it could lead to the removal of Touch ID completely. The brand apparently tested Synaptics’ optical fingerprint solution, but decided to pass on it.

Getting rid Touch ID would shake up the Apple ecosystem in a big way. Speculation so far suggests that the firm is adding 3D facial or iris recognition, but it was assumed that any new options would exist side-by-side rather than substitute fingerprint reading entirely.

Hargreaves believes that Apple’s 3D sensing production is on track and may well prove to be a viable alternative to Touch ID. Suppliers supposedly said that the technology is fast and highly reliable even from odd angles or when there’s less light about.