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Apple makes OS X El Capitan available for download

OS X El Capitan, Apple’s newest desktop and server operating system, is now available for download through the Mac App Store. This latest release brings with it a variety of new features, while it also aims at improving the performance, stability and security of the machines it’s running on.

OS X El Capitan was first released in the form of a beta version after it was unveiled at the WWDC keynote this year. Then came the release of its first public beta which was made available for participants in July 9. And now, it’s time for everyone to grab the final version of the operating system. It comes as a free upgrade of course.

One of the prime additions that this software brings with it is the Spotlight search feature which is able to work with natural language now. This means it can respond successfully to queries like ‘pictures I copied two days back’ and more. OS X El Capitan even gets a few gesture capabilities like swiping to delete emails, just like in iOS.

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OS X El Capitan

Apple has pushed into the operating system Windows 8-like snapping windows as well, allowing you to easily multitask on your devices. A new and updated version of the Safari browser has been pushed inside it, apart from a fresh version of Notes. And then there’s also the introduction of the Metal graphical engine that’s touted to make it easier for bringing video games from other platforms to Mac.

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Apple’s OS X El Capitan happens to be around 6GB in size, and can be grabbed as an update to your existing software. If you wish to, you can also perform a fresh install by extracting the installation file, burning it to a USB drive and booting from it.