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Apple Launches Program To Help Podcast Creators Expand Paid Subscriber Base

Podcast Stock Image Apple has introduced a new program to help podcast creators on its various services grow their paid subscriber base.

By linking to Apple Podcasts as an affiliate via the new ‘Apple Services Performance Partner Program’, creators can earn a one-time payment of 50 per cent on the first paid month of every subscription membership they drive on a 30-day cookie window.

“For example, if you link to a podcast subscription costing $10, you will earn $5 in equivalent commissions. This payment scales globally based on the local market price and where podcasts are available,” Apple said in an update.

The creators will have immediate access to reporting data on all their linked podcast marketing activities, including email, social promotions, digital ads, and more, and earn commissions each time a subscription purchase is made from an affiliated link they share.

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“This is in addition to any other payments you may receive directly from the sales of your premium content — it’s a simple way for you to maximize your income on Apple Podcasts,” the tech giant announced.

By becoming an Apple Services affiliate partner, the creators will also have the option to cross-promote other Apple Services content and generate even more revenue with affiliate links for Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Books, and more.

The program is available in more than 100 languages and more than 170 countries where Apple Podcasts are available.