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Apple to launch premium iPhone codenamed Ferrari in 2017

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Image Credit: Veniamin Geskin

A fresh report out of China alleges that Apple is going to launch an ultra high-end OLED iPhone codenamed Ferrari next year. This model will apparently be accompanied by 2 others, possibly the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which will be more in the line with the current series.

This intriguing bit of news has surfaced courtesy a pair of Apple manufacturing documents leaked by a Weibo user known for digging out information from the brand’s East Asian supply chain. The papers reveal that the 3 new handsets are internally known as D20, D21 and D22.

Chinese blog cnBeta points out that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were known as D10 and D20 during development, adding a bit of confusion to the mix. The report claims that the Ferrari variant will feature a borderless OLED screen, wireless charging, an invisible home button, and a glass sandwich design.

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The documents also indicate that the Ferrari iPhone 8 may carry a large AMOLED panel which has been crammed into a handset form factor that will likely remain unchanged from the current series. This could make way for a nearly edge-to-edge look.

The Ferrari iPhone might also be the recipient of a major internal hardware refresh that will break the logic board into 2 discrete units linked by a flex cable. One part may bear components like the A11 processor and NAND flash, while the other could be home to Wi-Fi and cellular chipsets.

Apple is also supposedly thinking of pushing the SIM tray towards the bottom of the upcoming iPhone to make some space for this redesign, similar to the layout of its iPad Pro lineup. A previous report had hinted that the phone could utilize OLED panels mounted on plastic and sport a curved look.