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Apple kills iPhone 4S, 5c in India

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India will finally have to bid goodbye to the iPhone 4S two years after Apple had stopped selling the phone in most other countries. The handset is set to be joined by the iPhone 5c, making the brand’s exit out of the sub-Rs 20000 segment complete.

A quick Google search reveals that both devices are still selling via various e-commerce sites, though this might not last for long if the new information is accurate. The iPhone 4S can be bought for around Rs 12000, while the iPhone 5c is available at roughly Rs 20000. The iPhone 5S has now become Apple’s most affordable smartphone in India at Rs 24000.

A senior Apple trade partner told the Economic Times that the company has been vending the iPhone 4S in the nation in order to get new customers hooked to its iOS ecosystem. The strategy seems to have been successful since the phone was among its highest selling models here. However, this scheme was lowering its average selling price (ASP) and profits.

Pulling the iPhone 4S and 5c is Apple’s way of boosting its ASP and pushing out newer models to consumers. However, exiting the sub-Rs 20000 market will likely raise the market share of rivals such as Samsung within the sector. The Rs 10000 – 20000 segment is growing at a rapid pace in India, and leaving the segment entirely is definitely a high-risk move.

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The iPhone 5S may soon be joined by the iPhone 5se, Apple’s long-rumored 4-incher which is aimed at capturing emerging markets like India. The most recent rumor concerning the handset points towards a March 18 release date. It’s apparently the successor to the former but features an upgraded set of specs closer to the iPhone 6 and 6S series.