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Apple’s killed the 2015 MacBook Pro

2015 MacBook Pro

Apple’s released a shiny new MacBook Pro for 2018 with faster internals and more RAM, but there are still some holdouts who prefer its older laptops. In bad news for them, the company has discontinued its fan-favorite 2015 MacBook Pro.

The 2015 MacBook Pro had a lot going for it in the eyes of Apple fans. First of all, it was the last MacBook to feature a traditional keyboard and not the butterfly one. The latter was the source of a major controversy, with many complaining that the keyboard became unusable if even a tiny amount of dust fell inside.

2015 MacBook Pro Advantages

Apple was eventually forced to launch a free repair program for MacBooks with the butterfly keyboard. The 2015 MacBook Pro also had the advantage of having legacy ports like an SD card slot, USB-A port, and HDMI port. The brand dropped all of them in later Pro models in favor of just Thunderbolt (USB-C) ports, forcing users to buy dongles.

Anyone who wants to buy the 3-year-old MacBook Pro will have to go into Apple’s clearance section. This section promises discount prices on unopened products, likely till stocks last. People will find 3 different variants of the notebook starting at $1999 there.

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For those looking out for an Apple-refurbished version at an even cheaper rate, the 2015 MacBook Pro isn’t being sold second-hand. Only the 2016 and 2017 MacBooks are around in the refurbished section at the moment, but this could always change in the future.

Third-party sites like eBay will probably have new and second-hand 2015 MacBook Pros for sale. With the classic model gone, the 2018 MacBook Pro will have a lot of pressure on it to satisfy Pro consumers. While it handles that pretty well in the performance department, it falls short of directly addressing the butterfly keyboard and lack of ports.