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Apple to kickstart iPhone 8 production earlier than usual

iPhone 8 Concept
Image Credit: Thadeu Brandão

Apple’s production cycle for the iPhone 8 has been accelerated to an earlier timeline than usual going by a new report. This may or may not be an indication that the handset will come out ahead of the brand’s standard September launch timeframe.

This intriguing piece of information has arrived courtesy BlueFin Research Partner and Barron’s Tech Trader Daily. The former suggests that Apple is going to kickstart the manufacturing process for the iPhone 8 in June. It goes on to claim that the company is planning a 300% increase in builds of the smartphone in the June quarter.

BlueFin doesn’t outright state that Apple is going to release the iPhone 8 before September. MacRumors theorizes that an earlier production cycle would allow the brand to get better yield rates and resolve any manufacturing kinks. This might even result in better supply if the phone does hit the limelight in September.

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Speculation so far has hinted that the iPhone 8 will be a radical departure from previous iPhones. It could boast of things like wireless technology, a bezel-less OLED screen, a virtual home button, and a glass sandwich design with metal frames.

Apple presumably has a lot riding on the iPhone 8, so it makes sense to change the production cycle to make sure mistakes like the iPhone 6S’ battery issue aren’t repeated again. BlueFin notes that the tech major has adjusted the production of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone SE downward in preparation for the next iPhone.