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Apple iTunes subscription rumors out once again!

The rumors about iTunes subscriptions were already up, few months back but they seemed to have bounced back again on the tech news circuit. Rumors are that Apple is in the process of introducing subscription facility for iTunes in September.

iTunes logo The fee plan for the rumored subscription goes this way – $129.99 for unlimited music annually! The plans of iTunes plus MobileMe make it $179.99 or you could probably choose a $99 plan if you already subscribe to MobileMe. Well, well, well, the offer is available in US only.

And as TUAW.com reports 256 Kbps music is on your way via the iTunes.

The rumours of iTunes subscriptions are not new as mentioned before, and have been going on since way back in 2005 and like every time we will again have to wait till this rumor turns out to be a piece of truth. Or perhaps forget about it as it dies off with no official announcements being made. Or perhaps Apple might even consider this rumor and finally comes out with this service to seek some positive publicity it must be wanting so badly?!