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Apple is giving away 200GB of iCloud storage for free

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Apple is notorious for providing just 5GB of free iCloud data to its customers, but it looks like the company is doing something about this. New users who’ve never signed up for iCloud before can now try out the 200GB tier for 2 months for free.

As always, there are plenty of conditions attached to the offer. Existing iCloud users can’t access the deal. Moreover, the promo appears to be available only in the US. A Reddit user posted an image of the scheme a few days ago, although he’s since deleted the screenshot.

Apple’s Free iCloud Offer

It seems this offer is active at all four major US carriers. Based on the image above, Apple is presenting it to folks as a way to get ready for their new iPhone. They can get 200GB of iCloud space to back up all their photos, videos, apps, and various system files. Once the new iPhone arrives, signing into iCloud on the new device will restore everything.

This window lasts for 2 months, after which they’ll have to pay $2.99 for the tier. While this deal sounds great at first, there are a few things to consider. First of all, Apple already gives new paid iCloud subscribers a month of free service. So the ones who sign up for its new scheme are getting just $2.99 of free storage.

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Apple’s motivation is pretty clear here. Get someone hooked on to iCloud and then ask them to cough up cash after they’re used to having it around. It’s been heavily criticized for not offering more than 5GB to its consumers. After all, it’s now a $1 trillion company. It can afford to provide a bit more data to customers who’ve already paid hundreds of dollars to buy its phones.

You can directly sign up for Apple’s free iCloud offer here.