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Apple iPod Hi-Fi Speaker System Discontinued

Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker system The old has to go to make way for the new one, well that’s perhaps the policy that Apple is using now.

As Apple announced the launch of its new iPods, with a lot of pomp and gaiety; on the other hand the company also could be on the verge of bidding adieu to the Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker system.

Launched in March last year, the Apple Hi-Fi Boombox is designed to work flawlessly with the iPod to add a whole new experience whilst listening to the home stereo system and delivered amazing acoustic performance.

When interested buyers went to Apple’s online booking site, they got a message that read: “The item you have selected is currently not available from the Apple Store. Please note that Apple cannot guarantee availability of any product.”

However Engadget got a little PR quote on this, where Apple stated, “Apple has decided to focus priorities on the iPod and iPhone and will not be making more iPod Hi-Fi units. There are over 4,000 accessories in the iPod ecosystem and hundreds of speakers systems designed specifically for the iPod, which provide customers with a wide variety of options.”

Before coming across this quote, we thought that perhaps the product could be getting a revamp. However things are surely clearer after this quote, thanks to Engadget. Sales of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system may not have kept up to the company’s expectations and that’s the reason they could have been compelled to come up with this stand.