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Apple expects giant iPhone X Plus to be its most popular model

iPhone X Plus Concept
Image Credit: iDrop News/Martin Hajek

Apple is set to launch 3 new iPhones this September and one of those handsets is expected to be more popular than the others. Earlier reports had expected the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to be the highest-selling model, but a new one thinks the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus will be at the top of the heap.

According to The Bell, Apple will shift 45 million units of the iPhone X Plus. This is 1.8 times more than the 5.8-inch iPhone X which is apparently going to account for 25 million shipments. The LCD iPhone rounds off the list at 30 million shipments.

LCD iPhone Production Problems

Apple is going all-in with big screen iPhones this year. Sources say the LCD iPhone was supposed to be given equal weight as its OLED counterparts, but it ran into production problems. The notch design appears to be the main issue. It’s the first time the company has adopted the look for an LCD panel.

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The experiment has lead to low yields of the LCD display, but things might improve in the coming months. For now, the publication predicts that Apple will delay the budget iPhone to November 2018. This theory has been bandied about before, but some say the company won’t be pushing the device to a later date.

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This makes sense since Apple probably wouldn’t want a repeat of what happened last year with the delayed November launch of the iPhone X. One factor which is consistent across rumors is that the brand has lowered orders this year because of the lukewarm reception to the iPhone X.

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It seems Apple is focusing on the iPhone X Plus for the initial wave of orders and will increase or decrease subsequent orders depending on consumer reaction. The report also talks a bit about the firm focusing on a 3 to 4-inch iPhone because of Steve Jobs’ belief that smartphones should be small enough to hold in one hand.