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Apple iPhone March Launch Will Reveal Rebranded Base Model

iPhone SE

Apple is apparently not happy with the name iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 for its upcoming smartphone. It’s been revealed that the company may use the same logic behind naming the base model of its tablet ‘iPad’ for its mid-range smartphone too, and simply call it ‘iPhone’.

So the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 might be christened the iPhone, marking a rebranding of sorts for Apple’s cheaper smartphone offering. Rumor has it that the device is expected to be unveiled towards the end of March.

As Jon Prosser who made the revelation in a recent YouTube video notes, folks ought to take the leak with a pinch of salt. The unnamed source of this news also mentioned that Apple would vend two models of the iPhone 2020.


One will allegedly offer 64GB inbuilt memory and sell for $399, while the higher storage 128GB variant is going to carry a price tag of $450. Furthermore, the launch event for the iPhone will either be March 30 or March 31 next month.

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Previous rumors have suggested that the device we’ve known as the iPhone SE 2 for long and then the iPhone 9 more recently, could embed 3GB of RAM and a more efficient A13 processor. Its display may measure 5.4 inches in size.

It’s possible Apple wanted to clear any confusion with the moniker of the mid-ranger by going with iPhone instead of iPhone 9 since we already have an iPhone X (pronounced ten) and iPhone 11. An iPhone 12 is also expected to be in the works.

Naming the inexpensive iOS handset iPhone 9 would not only seem to club it with the premium models, it would even sound a bit illogical since the iPhone X was announced in September 2017. Shouldn’t the iPhone 9 have come before the iPhone X?

That’s not to say Apple won’t end up sticking an iPhone SE 2 label to the upcoming device. We mean, there’s not enough reason to the contrary.