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Apple working on making iPhones indestructible

iPhone X

Apple just got done releasing 3 new iPhones, but there’s already plenty of speculation about future generations. Case in point – a newly published patent application that describes “Abrasion-Resistant Surface Finishes On Metal Enclosures.”

While the title may put you to sleep, there’s actually some interesting info about what Apple is planning for its upcoming iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watch models. As reported by BGR, the brand is working on ways to make its products indestructible so that scratches don’t appear and bends never happen.

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Apple’s Scratchy History

Apple is no stranger to controversies related to scratches. The Jet Black iPhone 7 was notorious for getting marred easily, as well as the steel Apple Watch and aluminum MacBook. The patent is here to address this issue, talking about how smartphones, tablets, and laptops regularly get dropped or come in contact with abrasive materials.

If there isn’t sufficient protection, the devices can develop scratches or gouges which look bad. Even worse, these defects can sometimes break through the protective anodic film and corrode the underlying metal. Apple wants to stop this from happening by implementing better coatings for metallic surfaces.

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This hardened outer layer could either be made out of ceramic or a carbon-based material which mimics the hardness of a diamond. This would help prevent the iPhone from scratching and stop damage from a fall. Plus, the coating will be applied on top of the paint so there’s no risk of wear and tear.

Apple filed for the patent in March 2017. It’s not clear if the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR have the anti-scratch layer applied to them. The company probably would have mentioned it if they were, so the chances are low. It’d be better not to take a risk and buy a case, up until these new unbreakable iPhones start arriving.

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