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9 Awesome Apple iPhone 7 Concepts

Best Apple iPhone 7 concepts

Best iPhone 7 Concepts

Everyone has their own ideas about what the Apple iPhone 7 should look like. A lot of them are ‘out there,’ and only a few of them are believable. We’ve picked out some of the best and more likely designs that Apple could use for its next smartphone out of the hundreds of concepts doing the rounds of the internet.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the company which launched the ‘Jesus phone’ has been reluctant to introduce any big aesthetic changes in generations of Apple iPhones. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? This won’t stop fans from hoping the iPhone 7 will appear way cooler than its Android rivals upon launch.

2. Cleaner-looking iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Without Headphone Jack

So without further ado, let’s kick off our list of awesome Apple iPhone 7 concepts with the above images by Eric Huismann. They appear quite convincing, don’t they? In keeping with the latest rumors about the upcoming handset, there are no antenna bands on the rear case, as depicted in the second picture.

The first one imagines the iPhone 7 in three variants. There are strong indications of Apple unveiling 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants of the series in fall 2016. In case the company decides to pander to the 4-inch market with a ‘mini’ version, the one on the far right is Huismann’s sketch of it.

Simple iPhone 7 design concept

iPhone 7 Mockup

As we’ve already mentioned, Apple has been very timid about transforming the appearance of its handset series. We know most fans will not want to agree that the above Apple iPhone 7 design concept might be the closest to what it will look like, because they want an exterior that will blow their socks off.

But we think an antenna band-free clean finish on the back panel will be the only change, thanks to ‘new compound materials’ to hide them. If the company ditches the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, then the device might also be thinner. We’re hoping for a slightly flatter body too.

4. iPhone 7 inspired by Android
iPhone-7 Design Concept

We certainly would have wanted to get behind this Apple iPhone 7 concept image by Reddit user Afikouras. Notice the lack of a physical home button? We like that very much. Adding to its attraction is the smooth rear panel without any antenna bands ruining its minimalist design language.

The only thing that prevents us from rooting for the next Apple handset to appear as depicted above is the underlying Android inspiration. A small tweak here and there could inject a more iOS-like facade to the whole design, don’t you think?

Concept iPhone 7 with bigger display

Concept iPhone 7

Imagine the front of the Apple iPhone 7 with an edge-to-edge touchscreen. The only interruption would be the physical home key at the bottom, flanked by soft buttons perhaps. That’s how designer Martin Hajek imagines the next iOS smartphone.

Stretching the screen estate in this manner might help Apple reduce the size of its next generation device while maintaining its large display proportions. Hajek hopes the company will do something about its unsightly protruding back camera too.

6. iPhone 7 concept without buttons

Button-free iPhone 7

One of our favorites when it comes to Apple iPhone 7 concepts without a physical home button is Marek Weidlich’s offering on Behance. Mind you, it’s not totally far-fetched seeing as Nokia has done something similar with the N9 in the past.

And it feels like it’s high time Apple did something revolutionary with its flagship handsets. Even Android loyalists would have to admit that iOS devices are worth all the ‘hype’ if the next iPhone’s design resembles the above image.

Bezel-free iPhone 7

iPhone Concept

What if the Apple iPhone 7 didn’t have any sort of bezel at all? You could say that the above design by ConceptsiPhone is a marriage of Weidlich’s and Hajek’s ideas. You have the edge-to-edge display without bezels here.

But the front still retains a physical home key. It’s a gorgeous look all right. We wonder if Apple will be able to pull it off if it tried. Would the button on the bottom dissolve into the background seamlessly when not in use?

8. iWatch inspired iPhone 7 concept

Stainless Steel iPhone 7

Apple makes the Watch in stainless steel already. What if the company decided to drop aluminum and go for said alloy in its next phone? Designer Grisha Serov has offered us a glimpse of what it would look like in steel.

Serov dubs it the ‘iPhone Edition’ in which the antenna bands are transformed into a glossy loop running along the frame. The fingerprint reader/home button is transferred to the side and the protruding camera has been ‘fixed.’

Curvy iPhone 7 concept

Curvy iPhone 7

The above Apple iPhone 7 concept by Yasser Farahi is quite breathtaking, to say the least. It seems to be a giant leap in terms of design, but it still manages to maintain the minimal aesthetic philosophy upheld by Apple through the years.

The display is supposed to be Sapphire Glass and the lens protrusion visible only when the camera app starts. Farahi also pictures it with wireless charging, a feature fans have been baying for, considering Android users are already enjoying such tech.

9. iPhone 7 concept with glowing Apple logo

iPhone With Glowing Apple Logo

The last most believable Apple iPhone 7 concept we picked from the hoards of crazy ones out there, comes from Martin Hajek. It was commissioned by ComputerBild.de, the magazine that was famously boycotted by Apple for daring to prove to viewers that the iPhone 6S bends under pressure.

The design element which stands out the most in Hajek’s rendition of the iPhone 7 can be seen on the back – the glowing Apple logo. The antenna bands appear to have taken the form of the loop running all around the rear to frame it, instead of the regular white lines  usually cutting it.


iPhone Design Concept
We don’t know about you, but the front and back panels don’t feel right together. The rear (previous image) looks a tiny bit utilitarian, in comparison to the front. Once again, it has an edge-to-edge display smartphone users fantasize about and a home button in sync with the screen.

It won’t be surprising if Apple shaves down the depth of the iPhone 7 and even reduces the amount of space taken up by the bezel.  But the leaks so far have not told us whether the company will or will not incorporate a physical home button/fingerprint sensor.

Apple iPhone 7 Plenty more Apple iPhone 7 concepts are available to ogle at online. iPhones will holographic features, wraparound touchscreens, dual displays, severely angular form factors, a home button cut into the shape of the Apple logo and what not.

We just selected the ones which seemed more convincing than the rest. Did we miss out any options you’d like to add to this list?