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Apple iPhone 6c (or 5se) launch delayed on purpose

iPhone 6c Leak

A new report from Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei, claims that Apple has started mass producing its 4-inch iPhone 6c, now thought to be labeled the iPhone 5se. The last two initials in the product name is supposed to stand for Special Edition. The handset is expected to make its debut in March along with the next Apple Watch and the iPad Air 3.

Remember when everyone thought the iPhone 5c with its plastic finish was supposed to be an affordable iOS smartphone? The upcoming device is once again anticipated to be a comparatively budget-friendly offering aimed at emerging markets like India and China. Images and video ‘proof’ of its existence seem to indicate that it’ll take design cues from the iPhone 6s.

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According to Apple Insider, Nikkei reports that the launch of the iPhone 5se has been delayed deliberately. The company is apparently holding out for an ‘opportune moment’ to release the handset. The rumored press event in March might be it. Anything we know about its specifications are based purely on rumors and leaks since nothing has been confirmed officially, of course.

YouTube video

The iPhone 6s or 5se is speculated to flaunt a metal body. It might be outfitted with 1GB RAM and the older A8 processor. But if keeping the cost low is not on Apple’s priority list, then the new A9 chip and maybe even 2GB RAM, could make their way into the smartphone. It’s also possible that the company has decided to put Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology on its 4-inch device.

The above video on YouTube may be that of the Apple iPhone 5se, or 6c, as its popularly called. It certainly appears to be a smaller version of the iPhone 6s. What do you think?


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