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Apple’s iPad Pro and Mac event is set for October 30

Apple Invite iPad
Image Credit: The Verge

Apple has finally announced that it’s hosting an event on October 30. Like always, it’s offering cryptic clues to hint at what it’s planning to launch, but we already know there’s going to a bunch of iPads and MacBooks on display.

The big surprise here is that the event is taking place in Brooklyn, New York and not the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple’s California campus. The company’s made multiple invites and sent them to media outlets randomly. Each of them has the Apple symbol and the tagline “there’s more in the making” in common.

Apple Invites iPad
Image Credit: The Verge

The invites probably have something to do with the next-gen Apple Pencil. The accessory is expected to get updated with seamless connectivity so you can instantly pair it to an iPad the moment it’s taken out of the box. There’ll likely be more technical changes as well, but those aren’t public yet.

According to rumors so far, the new iPad Pro is going to be available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. Chances are both will have a slim-bezel design with no Home button. Face ID may make its tablet debut, while the 3.5mm headphone jack might be on its way out.

MacBook Air Sequel

As for laptops, reports are betting on a sequel to the MacBook Air. The series hasn’t been updated in a while, so a new model will be welcome. Expect smaller bezels and a Retina display. Prices are uncertain, but it could be less than or equal to the current Air at $999 (roughly Rs 73341).

Some say a fresh Mac Mini is in the offing, giving heavy-duty customers something to look forward to. The Mac Pro is a definitive no since Apple has already confirmed that it’s going to release in 2019. The brand could still tease it though.

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On the software side of things, Apple might delve into iOS 12.1 in more detail. Group FaceTime and dual-SIM support are going to be major new additions. Plus, the Apple Watch Series 4 may get a date for its EKG update. There’s also some hope that the AirPower charging mat will get a mention, more than a year after it got announced.