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Apple admits to iPad Pro bending, but says this is normal

2018 iPad Pro Bend
Image Credit: MacDonaldTrump/MacRumors Forums

The 2018 iPad Pro became the subject of a viral video recently, but not for good reasons. YouTube channel JerryRigEverything tested the tablet’s durability and found that it was very weak. So much so, it easily snapped into two pieces with very little effort.

A lot of iPad Pro owners later came forward with stories about bending, either from normal use like carrying it around in a backpack or straight out of the box. The chorus of angry complaints has now gotten loud enough that Apple was forced to comment on the controversy.

Apple Confirms BendGate: iPad Edition

Apple’s confirmed that some 2018 iPad Pros have a slight bend in the aluminum chassis. This sounds like something which should trigger an immediate recall or at least an apology. Apple being Apple, it instead told The Verge that this is a normal side effect of the manufacturing process and won’t worsen over time or negatively affect the tablet’s performance.

In fact, Apple doesn’t even think of the curve as a defect. This is hard to believe at face value. The brand is known for being obsessed with perfection and high production standards. Why would it allow something as unsightly as a bend to infect its high-end iPad Pro?

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Moreover, customers only have 14 days to return or exchange their iPad Pro. Since Apple has admitted that there is a problem, it should ideally extend this window for people who notice their unit is bending after the 14 days are up.

All this talk of bending will probably bring back memories of the original Bendgate controversy of 2014. The iPhone 6 famously curved in user’s pockets, but Apple insisted that nothing was wrong. A few years later, the Touch Disease controversy popped up, possibly because of the device’s weak frame.

Apple had to launch a repair program for Touch Disease. It’s hard to know for sure whether the 2018 iPad Pro will end up the same a couple of years down the line. If you’re willing to risk it, just be careful not to put the tablet in any danger since it could easily break into pieces.