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Apple iOS 14 To Allow Users To Try Apps Without Installing Them

iphone-apple-logo Apple is reportedly developing a new feature that would allow iOS 14 users to interact with a third-party app without installing them.

A new API referred to as “Clips” in iOS 14 code would enable users to scan a QR code linked to an app and then interact with content from that app via a floating card on the screen, reports 9To5Mac.

The card may also let users choose to download a full version of the app from the App Store or to open the content in the app if it is already installed.

Apple may be testing the new app previews with OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, Sony’s PS4 Second Screen app, and YouTube.

The feature sounds somewhat like the Slices feature on Android that allows interactive parts of a third-party app to appear in Google Search and Google Assistant.

This helps Android users to get tasks done quicker by giving them access to parts of an app that they have not installed.

iOS 14 is also expected to include updates to iCloud Keychain, a new list view for the home screen, a new fitness app, and more.