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Apple rolls out iOS 12 beta 6 to everyone

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Apple has officially rolled out the iOS 12 beta 6 software for developers and public beta participants alike. The last beta proved pretty fruitful for those hunting for clues about future iPhones and iPads, so this one might just do the same.

For now, 9to5Mac reports that the iOS 12 beta 6 has removed the default iOS 10 wallpaper featuring greenish-blue waves and changed the wallpaper sorting order. The Music app has a brand-new splash screen to highlight music videos. The in-built camera option in Messages can now use volume buttons to click a photo.

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iOS 12 Beta 6 Changes

The Home app has also removed existing wallpapers and replaced them with three color options. The AirPlay icon has been given a slight facelift. Apple’s official release notes warns that Settings may unexpectedly quit when viewing or selecting a voice in Speech Accessibility.

Settings could also randomly shut down if a person tries to open Siri & Search settings. This could occur if the iPhone or iPad doesn’t have FaceTime, Mail, Maps, or Voice Memos installed. In that case, Apple says setting up the apps should help prevent this scenario.

Siri may also mess up when using certain shortcuts. Apple says the voice assistant may not automatically open the application and show an Open button instead. There’s a chance the third-gen Apple TV and Apple TV 4K won’t appear as a HomeKit hub unless the setup was done via an iOS device.

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This can be easily fixed by adding the Apple TV to the home through Settings > AirPlay > Room. Apple has also squashed a whole bunch of bugs in iOS 12 beta 6. This list includes an issue where Apple Pay Cash would crash when used with Siri and a problem where Bluetooth accessories were not functioning properly.

The final version of iOS 12 will be coming out in September. It’ll be announced alongside 3 new iPhones.

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