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Apple rolls out iOS 12 beta 11

iOS 12 iPhone X

Apple has released yet another iOS 12 beta, just a couple of days after the last one. The latest update pushes up the build number to beta 11 for developers and beta 9 for public testers. The company has also rolled out macOS Mojave beta 9 and tvOS beta 9 to the world.

Like the iOS 12 beta 10 before it, beta 11 doesn’t offer much in the way of new features. It seems to mainly consist of fixes and performance upgrades. This isn’t a bad thing all things considered. After all, the official iOS 11 software was plagued with problems from the get-go, leaving Apple to scramble every time a new issue was found.

iOS 12 Reception

Apple is reportedly taking things slow with iOS 12, focusing more on perfecting what it’s got instead of introducing new tools for users to play around with. This approach has seemingly paid off, with many folks commentating that this beta test has been one of the most stable ones the company has ever put out.

Of course, it’s important to remember that no matter how stable a beta build is, it’s still experimental software and can wreak havoc on an iPhone. As such, it’s best not to install it on your primary iPhone. For instance, Apple had to pull the iOS 12 beta 7 because it was causing crashes on iPhones.

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It immediately rolled out iOS 12 beta 8 as a replacement. Things appear to be pretty much smooth sailing since then. It shouldn’t be long before the GM (gold master) build arrives. That update will basically be a near-final look at iOS 12 before the official version rolls out to everyone.

Apple usually releases the GM build in September when it’s done announcing the new series of iPhones. That’s probably going to happen on September 12. The brand will likely disclose when iOS 12 is rolling out on that day as well. Meanwhile, you can sign up to be a public beta tester here and a developer tester here.