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Apple seeds iOS 12 beta 10 as final version nears

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Well, that was quick. Apple’s begun seeding the iOS 12 beta 10 for developers just three days after it released iOS 12 beta 9. The company’s moving full steam ahead now, so a final GM (gold master) build shouldn’t be too long off.

Apple doesn’t usually release this many beta builds of its software. The number is a bit higher this time around because the brand actually pulled the iOS beta 7 because of crashing issues and sent out the iOS beta 8 in its place.

iOS 12 Beta 10 Release Notes

The release notes for the tenth beta don’t reveal much. Apple just says it contains bug fixes and improvements. The update notably weighs in at just 68.7MB, so it’s not a huge upgrade. Still, it might come as a relief for those dealing with bugs and slow performance.

Beta builds usually face some problem or the other though, what with it being experimental software. Still, overall reviews seem to be pretty positive, with many in fact praising its stability and improved performance as compared to iOS 11.

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This was apparently a deliberate decision made by Apple, with reports claiming that it wanted to focus on stabilizing iOS instead of rolling out splashy new features. iOS 11 was widely criticized for being stuffed with bugs, forcing Apple to send out updates on a regular basis to fix the problems it created.

If Apple sticks to its usual schedule, the final GM build for iOS 12 should be ready at around the same time its new iPhones get announced. September 12 is being thrown about as a possible launch date. The company will probably disclose when the official version is coming out at the event.

If you can’t wait, you can download the latest iOS 12 beta for developers here and for public testers here.