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Apple confirms iOS 12.1 will bring dual-SIM, Group FaceTime support

iPhone XS iOS 12 Dual SIM
Dual SIM Icons In iOS 12

Apple is busy getting ready for its big October 30 event, but there’s something equally as big brewing behind-the-scenes for iPhone and iPad users. Apple has just refreshed its iPhone User Guide with two huge new features coming in iOS 12.1 soon.

All eligible iPhones will be getting upgraded with Group FaceTime support. However, the iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus can only support audio during these calls. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are getting dual-SIM support. All this was expected in iOS 12.1, but it’s nice to get confirmation of all this directly from Apple.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1

Apple doesn’t include a detailed user guide with its iPhones in their box, hence the need for a digital one. The iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1 can be downloaded via iTunes/Apple Books for free. It’s actually pretty much the same as the one for iOS 12, except for the two major changes seen above.

Group FaceTime got announced back in June this year. It allows up to 32 people to chat together on a single voice/video call. It was originally supposed to arrive inside iOS 12, but something went wrong and the feature was pulled from the beta builds.

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Group FaceTime later reappeared in the iOS 12.1 beta, leading people to believe it’s finally coming out. These assumptions turned out to be accurate. Another accurate prediction – support for dual-SIM functionality in the new iPhone series.

As you might recall, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR don’t have two physical SIM card slots (except in China). There’s a single SIM slot and a separate eSIM option. The latter is fairly new technology and isn’t that widespread outside the US.

There are quite a few bells and whistles attached to the feature. You can read them all on Apple’s support page for dual-SIMs.