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Apple sends out invites for September 12 iPhone event

Apple iPhone Invite

The wait is finally over – Apple has officially sent out invites for its annual iPhone event. Mark your calendars for September 12 and prepare your wallets for September 14, when the handsets are expected to go up for pre-orders.

Apple’s sent out a typically cryptic invite for the occasion. It features rings of concentric circles in a metallic gold or bronze shade and the caption “Gather round.” The most obvious explanation is that this is just a reference to the Apple Park ‘spaceship’ campus where the event is taking place inside the Steve Jobs Theater.

Apple iPhone Invite Clues

Getting into more creative explanations, the circles could just be a hint at a round Apple Watch 4. This is very unlikely though, as rumors so far have indicated that the company is going to stick to its traditional squarish design, but with less bezels. The invite also looks a lot like the classic iPod’s click wheel.

Some have also pointed out how closely it resembles a wireless charging coil. We know Apple is probably going to release the AirPower mat at the event, a year after announcing it at the last iPhone event. Others think this is a straightforward clue at improved cameras.

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Based on a mountain of leaks, Apple is going to launch 3 new iPhones at the event. One is probably going to be a direct sequel to the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X priced at $800 – $899 (about Rs 56000 – Rs 63000). The second might be a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus costing somewhere in the range of $900 – $999 (roughly Rs 63000 – Rs 70000).

The third might be the most interesting of all – a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone 9 selling for $600 – $699 (approx Rs 42000 – Rs 49000). This model is expected to be a best-seller thanks to its low cost and advanced features like Face ID. However, it might not be available immediately at launch and could get delayed to October or November.