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Apple increases iPhone prices in India post tax hike

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Apple’s gone ahead and raised prices for nearly all its iPhone models on the heels of an import tax hike from 10% to 15%. It’s an unfortunate development given how expensive the handsets already are in the country.

The government reportedly decided to raise the import tax to encourage companies to join the Make In India brigade. Apple’s already part of that, but it currently only produces the iPhone SE in the country. It’s the only device which has been spared from the spike in costs, starting at the same Rs 26000 rate for its 32GB variant.

The same can’t be said for the iPhone X. Its 64GB option is now selling at Rs 92430 instead of Rs 89000, a Rs 3430 difference. Even its 256GB version has gone from Rs 102000 to Rs 105720, a Rs 3720 rise. The iPhone 8 isn’t safe either, now setting buyers back by Rs 66120 (Rs 2120 more) for 64GB of storage and Rs 79420 (Rs 2420 more) for 256GB of ROM.

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The iPhone 8 Plus has gone through a similar transformation, vending at Rs 75450 (64GB) and Rs 88750 (256GB). Older models have also been impacted by the tax hike, with the iPhone 7 now starting at Rs 50810 in place of Rs 49000, the iPhone 7 Plus at Rs 61060 instead of Rs 59000, the iPhone 6S at Rs 41550 rather than Rs 40000, and the iPhone 6S Plus at Rs 50740 as opposed to Rs 49000.

Finally, the 32GB iPhone 6 has leaped from Rs 29500 to Rs 30780, a Rs 1280 increase. It remains to be seen how much of an impact these revised rates will have on Apple. Most of its products are sold at significant discounts online, but buyers may still feel the pinch if they have to pay more than they would have before the tax hike.