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Apple hikes iPhone prices in India again

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Apple has once again increased iPhone prices in India after the government raised the customs duty from 15% to 20% in its Union Budget last week. This comes just 2 months after the company hiked costs following an rise in import tax.

The only model which hasn’t been affected by the change is the Rs 26000 iPhone SE since it’s being manufactured in India. The government wants to encourage more Make in India action, hence the increase in taxes. Apple is apparently on its way to assembling the iPhone 6S in India, but for now its lineup is vending at sky-high rates.

Starting with the iPhone X, the already-costly handset just got costlier – from Rs 92430 to Rs 95390 for its 64GB variant and Rs 105720 to Rs 108930 for its 256GB one. Same goes for the 64GB iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which now start at Rs 67940 and Rs 77560, respectively.

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Apple’s older smartphones weren’t spared either. The 32GB iPhone 7 has gone from Rs 50810 to Rs 52370, while its Plus counterpart just got bumped up from Rs 61060 to Rs 62840. The 3-year-old 32GB iPhone 6S now sells at Rs 42900 and 4-year-old 32GB iPhone 6 at Rs 31900.

Other than its phones, Apple has also decided to hike the rates for the Apple Watch Series 3 38mm from Rs 29900 to Rs 32380. All these new figures have officially gone into effect as of today, but e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon India are still selling the devices at old costs.

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone, now might be the best time before the official rates sink in online.