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Apple gives iPhone users the middle finger with iOS 9.1

iPhone owners all over the world can finally express their anger at someone with a cool middle finger emoji. That new expression is part of 184 fresh emoji to have been included in the iOS 9.1 software which is being rolled out for Apple devices right now.

Few are aware of the fact that iOS is ahead by leaps and bounds of Android in terms of emoji adoption. In fact, the operating system is the first in the world to include every single emoji in the Unicode Standard.

Other fresh emoji that can be taken advantage of by those who have downloaded iOS 9.1 include those of a taco, a unicorn, a burrito, a lion, a cricket bat with a ball and a lot more. It should be noted that if a new emoji is sent to an iPhone that’s not running iOS 9.1, it will appear on the device in the form of an alien face.

iOS 9.1 Emoji

These are not the only highlights of the new software release though. Apple has equipped iOS 9.1 with improvements to the Live Photos feature as well. It is now able to sense when the iPhone is raised or lowered so as to avoid recording videos inside users’ pockets.

Another trait that it brings with it is the addition of the Messages option in the Settings app. Here, you’ll be able to enable or disable photos for contacts. With iOS 9.1, those residing in the UK and Australia will finally be able to use Apple News.

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Despite all the other features, the fresh emoji support is the only thing that has got most iPhone users excited about iOS 9.1. It’s time to check your messages for all those middle fingers emoji now.