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Apple could finally allow you to hide apps on your iPhone


There are third party apps and then there first party ones, and the latter are something you have no control over in terms of their existence on your iPhones and iPads. That’s about to change, even as proof of Apple’s plans to enable the facility to hide its pre-installed apps has just been found.

While it’s still a distant dream that Apple will allow us to uninstall first party apps, it’s great to know that it’s at least planning to let us hide them like on Android. Evidence about this has been spotted in the metadata of iTunes.

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AppAdvice has pointed us out to strings containing the words ‘isFirstParty’ and ‘isFirstPartyHideableApp.’ It’s pretty clear what this API change means, thus finally fulfilling many a user’s dream to hide unused apps like Compass, Voice Memos, Stocks and more from their homescreens.

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The strings in question are of course set to ‘false’ for the time being, but the fact that they exist tell us that Apple might very well activate them in the future. Perhaps the company is waiting for its annual WWDC gathering to commence in order to unveil this feature. After all, that’s when we are also expecting iOS 10 to be showcased for the first time.

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To take you back a bit, it was in September last year that Apple CEO Tim Cook had brought up the topic of being able to uninstall first party apps in an interview. He had said that since some apps are linked to others, it’s extremely difficult to allow the deletion of all of them.

Hiding them from the interface is the obvious solution that Apple has come up with, in order to make your iPhones and iPads more clutter-free.

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