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Apple’s entry-level phone to be called iPhone XC

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Apple’s September 12 event is only days away, but we’re still trying to figure out just what the new iPhones are going to be called. The latest list of contenders comes via Weibo which suggests a mix of old and new names.

The leak contains an image of a slide from what looks like an internal presentation at China Mobile. The brand is one of the biggest iPhone carriers in the world, so they might just have access to secret Apple information. On the other hand, such leaks can be easily faked. Taking this into consideration, it would be best to take the names with a spoonful of salt.

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Image Credit: Weibo

As per the spy shot, Apple is going to call its handsets the iPhone XS (5.8-inch), iPhone XS Plus (6.5-inch), and iPhone XC (6.1-inch). The first has already been confirmed, so that’s no surprise. The second is interesting since reports have suggested that the company was ditching ‘Plus’ for ‘Max,’ as in iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XC has been floating around as a possibility for a few weeks now. The lineup is expected to be colorful, so the ‘C’ could be a simple reference to that. Apple did something similar with the iPhone 5C. However, that series was a big failure for the company and it’ll be strange if it tries to bring back the same name again.

Apple 2018 iPhone Prices

Who knows, maybe Apple is more confident about its chances this year. The big attraction of the so-called iPhone XC is its edge-to-edge design and Face ID, all wrapped up in a mid-range (for Apple) price tag. The Weibo tipster indicates that it’ll cost CNY 5888 (approx $857 or Rs 62083).

This is a bit higher than expected, but the figure probably takes Chinese taxes into account. The iPhone XS might go for CNY 7388 (roughly $1075 or Rs 77947) and the iPhone XS Plus for CNY 8388 (around $1221 or Rs 88497).

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It seems Apple is launching dual-SIM variants of the iPhone XS, but those won’t be available immediately. China is said to be getting actual dual-SIM card slots, while the rest of the world will get a single-SIM slot and a virtual Apple SIM option.