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Apple ditching new features to focus on reliability in iOS 12

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Anyone excited for iOS 12 will have to tamp down on their expectations as 2 separate reports claim that Apple is delaying new features in favor of security and reliability. iOS 11 has been plagued with issues ever since it got launched last year, so the strategy makes sense.

According to Axios, Apple software head Craig Federighi announced the shakeup to employees in early January. Features like a complete refresh of the Home screen and in-car user interface, changes to photo clicking, editing and sharing, and a revamped default Mail app have now been pushed to 2019 when iOS 13 rolls around.

Bloomberg adds that a multiplayer mode for AR games and an enhanced photo management application which can better sort images won’t be making the cut for iOS 12 either. What is on track for 2018 are a combined apps platform which can run on Macs and iPhone, improvements to FaceTime, and boosts to augmented reality experiences and health.

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Apple is also trying to make iPhones more responsive and less frustrating in iOS 12. Parents will get better tools to monitor their kids’ app activity as well. The brand actually faced a ton of criticism from shareholders over the parental controls on its devices recently, so the changes are being made to mollify them.

While favoring reliability over flashy new toys seems like the right thing for Apple to do, there are some folks inside the software team who are questioning whether this pivot will actually lead to better quality. Here’s hoping it will, since iOS has been pretty buggy lately and focusing on building a strong platform sounds like the right thing to do.