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Apple ditches plans to build its own self-driving car

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Apple’s secret Project Titan car project is in a full-blown crisis mode going by a new report which asserts that the brand has hugely scaled back its ambitions from building its own self-driving vehicle to just supplying the software for it. Talk of such a radical change in direction has been going on for months now and the new report offers more proof of it.

Project Titan started out in 2014, with Apple going on an aggressive hiring spree to fulfill its ambitions of revolutionizing the auto industry the way it changed the handset market with the iPhone. All this has apparently been scrapped now. Bloomberg reports that the tech giant has fired or reassigned hundreds of people from its 1000-strong car team. A number of employees have also left on their own.

Apple is supposedly focusing on putting together an autonomous driving system which will allow it to partner with existing carmakers, in addition to perhaps returning to its original plan of making its own car in the future. One source asserts that the manufacturer is taking on new people to help with the new focus.

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Apple isn’t allowing the revamped Project Titan team the luxury of an endless amount of time though. They have until late next year to prove the feasibility of self-driving technology and put their finger on a final direction to go for.

Times are tough for the autonomous car business. Even Google’s car initiative has suffered departures and setbacks. The search giant is seemingly grappling with the difficulties of building its own vehicle from scratch and is seeking out partners instead.