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Apple to ditch notch design for 2019 iPhones

iPhone X Notch

While Android smartphone makers are getting swept up in notch fever, Apple has apparently been busy figuring out ways to get rid of the interruption. ETNews claims that the brand’s working on a new cutout-less OLED display for its 2019 iPhones.

This is big news, but details about how Apple is going to achieve this all-screen look are scarce at the moment. Industry sources told ETNews that the company is currently having discussions with relevant firms for this new design. Going by the flow of development, it’s possible that it’ll be a rectangular panel which will completely fill the front of the iPhone.

The actual size and resolution haven’t been leaked yet. The iPhone X’s notch houses a number of sensors such as the Flood Illuminator, Dot Projector, and 8MP selfie camera. Naturally, Apple isn’t going to toss them off to achieve a completely bezel-less look.

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Some industry insiders think Apple will drill holes into the OLED screen, while others believe it will utilize the Black Matrix (BM) area within displays. The brand does in fact have a patent to embed sensors directly inside the panel, allowing them to see the outside world without being visible to the naked eye.

However, that is just a patent for now and it’s unknown whether Apple has progressed to the point of implementation so quickly. 2019 seems a bit early for the notch to bid goodbye, seeing as how the design would have been around only for 2 generations at that point.

For now, 2018 is set to bring 3 new iPhones. The report claims 2 are going to be OLED models with a 5.85-inch and 6.46-inch display and 1 will be an LCD version with a 6.04-inch screen. The trio is apparently going to feature a smaller notch, thinner bezels, and Face ID.