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Apple Could Restrict ProMotion, Always-On Display To iPhone 15 Pro Variants

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If you’re planning to buy the base version of the iPhone 15 when it comes out this year, note that Apple might not be selling it with Always-On and ProMotion. These features could be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

The rumor comes courtesy of leaker ayeux1122; so it’s not official news in any sense. There have been previous reports of Apple potentially keeping the 120Hz/LTPO screen away from standard iPhone 15 models. The latest story only adds to the speculation.

All of this could mean that the standard iPhone 15 will not have the ProMotion feature which speeds up parts of the display when a faster rate is required and slows it down to save power, says AppleInsider.

Even the Always On display which has been restricted to the iPhone Pro versions is not predicted to arrive on the base iPhone 15 device.

Many feel that this is just Apple’s continued push to get consumers to purchase its higher end models. It could alternatively be the company’s strategy for keeping the cost of the cheaper iPhones down so it can offer them at a more modest price than the Pro smartphones.

Earlier, it was rumored that the iPhone maker would bring support for the Wi-Fi 6E network to the iPhone 15 Pro models only. Solid-state buttons with haptic feedback, a titanium frame and increased RAM might also be on the cards for iPhone Pro phones.