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Apple considering mid-September launch for iPhone 6?

If you’re a fan of the iPhone, every little bit of information on its upcoming variant might mean a pot of gold for you. We understand that and hence we’re here to fulfill your day’s quota of rumors related to the much anticipated handset.

Sources who know about Apple’s plans have revealed that the iPhone 6 could be unveiled by the company in mid-September. While we knew from before that the said month is supposed to see the unveiling of the device, we were assuming the time frame to be the start of September.

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However, the above mentioned sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is considering the second and third weeks of the month to hold an event in the US. They have moreover cautioned that irregularities in the manufacturing of the device could lead to a change in plans, and hence the time frame hasn’t yet been finalized.

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It is also being said that this upcoming event is most likely to see the launch of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. However, a debut of the 5.5-inch model at the same gathering cannot be ruled out either. While the latter’s status is not clearly known, the former is well into internal testing and manufacturing, according to sources.

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Apple’s iOS 8 will apparently get its fifth and final beta on August 4. The company will then focus its attention to creating the final version of the software and infusing it into the new iPhone 6. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Apple smartphone.