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Apple comes up with automatic mechanism to stop your iPhone screen from shattering

A fresh Apple invention has come to the fore thanks to a patent filing from the company, which is regarding an automatic mechanism that stops the iPhone’s screen from shattering due to a heavy fall. This particular technology will make use of bumpers that will pop up while the device is falling towards the ground.

‘Active screen protection for electronic device’ is the name of this patent application which also features a visual detailing of the innovative protection mechanism. As you can see in the image we’ve posted in the space down below down below, this Apple technology will feature multiple bumpers or tabs that will be placed in each corner of the display.

These bumpers will be made from flexible plastics, polymers or perhaps even thin metals. As pointed out by a Yahoo Tech post, these tabs will either pop out or curl upwards over the screen if a fall is sensed by the device. The iPhone will be able to detect the fall with its accelerometer, gyroscope or an altitude sensor.

Apple Patent

Apple has also mentioned in the patent filing that the detection of a fall could also be done via the iPhone’s camera or its audio system. While the former will be able to do that with motion-capture software that will look for fast-approaching proximity, the latter will be capable of triggering the mechanism by sending out an ultrasonic pulse for identifying changes in height and speed.

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Although it looks like an effective technology, it would be incredibly optimistic to expect it to make its way into the iPhone 7, as such innovations are usually just patented and kept for the future by major companies.