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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s not buying the iPhone X

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak made ripples across the tech world recently when he declared that he wouldn’t be buying the iPhone X on launch day. It’s the first iPhone he’s not rushing to upgrade to on day one.

The fact that Apple’s co-founder himself isn’t confident enough in the iPhone X isn’t great news for the company, especially since the handset goes up for pre-orders in a matter of days. Wozniak hasn’t quite gone rogue though, since he told CNBC that he’s planning to wait and watch for now.

One of his main concern lies with Face ID. Wozniak’s skeptical that the method will work the way it’s supposed to. He’s not alone either, with plenty of people voicing their concerns about ditching the safety of Touch ID for the uncertainties of Face ID.

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Plus, he just bought himself a shiny new iPhone 8. Wozniak seems quite happy with the form factor of the handset which he points out is the same as the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6. Most people would be bored of the same design, but to each his own.

Wozniak is actually known for hoarding several new smartphones at the same time, but things have changed now. His attention’s shifted from the latest phone to electric vehicles and self-driving cars. Besides, his wife is planning on buying the iPhone X so he can check it out and make an informed decision.

Unfortunately for the rest of us who aren’t Apple co-founders, the iPhone X may not be around long enough for us to play it safe. Several reports claim that the device will be in short supply at launch, so people will have to choose between taking a risk or waiting it out for several months.