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Apple chooses Wistron to supply iPhone 8 in India

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Apple has apparently chosen Wistron as its first OEM in India, something which has been bandied about as a possibility for a few months now. Intriguingly, the latter is reportedly going to serve as the primary supplier for the iPhone 8 in the country.

Foxconn and others are set to become second OEMs if demand rises. DigiTimes claims that Wistron has accordingly expanded its smartphone production capacity in China and India. This piece of information falls neatly in line with previous speculation which alleged that Wistron had applied for permission to enlarge its Bengaluru plant.

Another recent rumor asserted that Wistron had become the third manufacturer of the 2017 lineup of iPhones after Foxconn and Pegatron. The company has so far been associated with putting together the iPhone 5C and iPhone SE. It’s been unclear which iPhone models Apple was planning to produce in India, so the fresh report does offer a clue in that regard.

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Apple’s Make In India saga has not exactly been smooth sailing from the get-go. The brand is still seeking the green signal from the Indian government to set up shop in the nation. If all goes as planned, Wistron’s Bengaluru factory should kickstart assembly operations from April and leap to full manufacturing by the end of 2017.

All this depends entirely on whether Apple and the administration can hammer out a deal. The Cupertino-based giant is rumored to be asking for over 7 conditions to be met before it begins production. The government is apparently reticent to agree to them, with some officials even stating that the demands are excessive and unfair.