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Apple caught tweeting from Android phone

Apple Music Android Tweet
Image Credit: Marques Brownlee/Twitter

Samsung and Huawei are both familiar with the embarrassment of tweeting promotions for their phones using Twitter for iPhone instead of Android. The tables have turned now though, since even Apple made the same blunder back in November 2018.

The official Apple Music account was responding to a tweet from Ariana Grande about her new Christmas & Chill album. The post itself just provides a link to the album on iTunes, but YouTuber Marques Brownlee noticed something interesting underneath.

Apple Slips Up

Instead of being sent from an iPhone, the tweet was sent via Twitter for Android. Clearly, someone in charge of Apple’s account has an Android phone. This isn’t as controversial as a brand ambassador for a company getting caught tweeting from a rival device, but it’s still pretty funny, especially when the mistake comes from an image-obsessed firm like Apple.

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Of course, it’s important to point out that Apple Music has an Android app as well. It makes sense for some of its employees to have an Android phone handy. Samsung didn’t have the same excuse ready when it tweeted about the Galaxy Note 9 via Twitter for iPhone that same month.

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Samsung was so humiliated, it deleted the tweet and the Twitter account for good measure (it later reinstated the account). Before this faux pas, its Russian ambassador, Ksenia Sobchak, brought her iPhone X with her during a TV interview. The South Korean brand is reportedly suing her for $1.6 million as compensation for this embarrassment.

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In comparison, actress Gal Gadot got off easy when she promoted a Huawei phone on Twitter using her iPhone. She just brushed off the matter as a mistake which someone on her publicity team made.